Grosu Vasilica Iulian sets himself on fire as he runs with a placard calling on Romanian President Traian Basescu to help him to get back his seven-year-old son, on Monday in front of the Romanian Government headquarters. The father, who was severely injured, claimed that his child was taken illegaly by his wife, now in Spain. afp

Yesterday the Romanian custody father Vasilica Grosu who's 7 year old son Andrei has been stolen from him on holidays in Spain last year by the Spanish authorities in conjunction with the Romanian mother set himself on fire in utter despair for his human rights being stolen from him by Dutch and Spanish authorities and the European Union. It is the same father who was treated very badly (as a criminal) in the Netherlands after a protest in The Hague Central Station on 14 september 2004 (the birthday of his son taken away from him by Spain). Fathers 4 Justice Netherlands supported him by attending his courtcases in the Netherlands. He didn't get any help from the Dutch Ministry of Justice but instead was deported back to Romania with a Dutch criminal conviction while his visa for Europe was taken away from him so preventing him to go back to Spain looking for his stolen son by the Spanish crimnal authorities. This is a big tragedy of human rights being crushed by Spain and the Netherlands as well. He deserves help.

Have a look at following links for the Dutch part of the story (it is in Dutch partly):

Oppslag i nederlandsk presse 1

Oppslag i nederlandsk presse 2

Man sets himself on fire in front of Gov’t building published in issue 3468 page 6 at 2005-07-12 BUCHAREST - A Bucharester was severely burnt after he set himself on fire yesterday at noon in Victoria Square, in a desperate move to recover his child. He said the child had been entrusted to him by the court, but was kidnapped by his mother, who lives in Spain. Grosu Vasilica Iulian said that he has filed over 60 memorandums with the Foreign Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs, and the National Authority for the protection of children’s rights, but nobody wanted to help him. The man was carrying a board through which he requested President Traian Basescu to intervene and support “a Romanian child, a desperate father, a destroyed family.” By 11.45 h., the protester voiced his hope that he will be able to hug his child at the cost of the burns that he will suffer. The man, who was in the middle of Victoria Square, has poured an inflammable liquid on his body, and set fire to himself. The flames were extinguished by police officers. Then the man was taken to hospital by ambulance. Ileana Carmen Boiangiu, director of the Plastic Surgery and Burnt Hospital of Bucharest, where the man was taken, declared that almost half of the surface of his body is burnt “creating a major risk of death.” Iulian Grosu, the father of a boy aged seven, has already protested on May 3, for several hours, before the National Authority for child protection, requesting the authorities to expedite the attempts made for the repatriation of the child. At that time, Vasilica Iulian Grosu had declared that the Court of District 5 Bucharest had granted the child to him through a final ruling, in September 2003, by which the mother is obliged to pay alimony. In February the next year, the mother went to Spain, to work picking strawberries, the man and the child going there too later on. Grosu said that the child’s mother - with whom he had not been legally married - had complained to the Spanish police about a supposed aggression, further to which he was arrested. In the meantime, the Spanish Justice assigned the child to the mother, against the ruling of the Romanian court, Grosu said. The man began the moves to obtain the child, as determined by the Romanian court, appealing to the diplomatic mission in Spain. Then, other steps with the Romanian authorities followed, as well as an attempt to go to the Hague Court. In September last year, the protest launched by Grosu had blocked traffic in the Hague railway station for two hours. He sat down in front of a shop and threatened to set fire to himself, being immobilised by the police. On the occasion of the protest of May, Grosu chained himself and placed placards around himself stating his case. He demanded that the boy be brought to Romania, invoking in his support the legislation regarding the repatriation of the Romanian children and the Convention of the Hague. Grosu states that he has received contradictory answers and that so far the child and the mother are in Spain, obtaining an exceptional residence permit, which is granted to victims and protected witnesses.

Den en gang lykelige familie!